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The spread is the number of points added to or subtracted from a team's actual score for betting purposes.

The favorite is indicated by the minus sign "-" and the underdog is indicated by the plus sign "+". To determine the winner for betting purposes, the Point Spread is added to the final score of the team you bet on. Point Spread rules are as follows:

  • To win the bet, the team the bettor wagered on must win by the Point Spread.

  • On certain events you can adjust the spread by buying points.

  • Games that tie when taking the point spread into consideration are no action which means the original bet amount will be refunded.

  • The odds are $1.10 to win $1.00 (-110) unless otherwise indicated.

  • The bettor cannot place a Point Spread bet on opposing teams.

  • The bettor cannot place a Money Line Sport Bet and a Point Spread Sport Bet on the same team.

  • The bettor can place a Point Spread Sport Bet on one team and a Money Line Sport Bet on the opposing team.

  • The bettor can combine a Point Spread bet with a Totals bet.

  • The Point Spread may change between the time the bettor places his bet and the time the event starts; regardless, his bet is subject to the point spread displayed at the time he placed his bet.

For example, the bettor wagers on Miami -7 to beat Buffalo +7. The following table shows possible wager results on three final scores.

Actual Final Score

Final Score with
Point Spread applied

Bet Result

Miami 21 Buffalo 19

Miami 14 Buffalo 19


Miami 26 Buffalo 19

Miami 19 Buffalo 19


Miami 27 Buffalo 19

Miami 20 Buffalo 19


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Tipster's Corner by James Rodes

Just by flipping a coin, sports bettors will be right 50% of the time. At odds of 10/11, only 52.4% of the sports bettors' wagers have to win for them to overcome the bookmaker's profit and break even, so they only need a very small edge to become a winner.

Here's the low down on the different types of online sport bets:

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